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Lethal Abandon (Shadow Soldier Series, #4) (eBo...
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When wildlife biologist Remy Renaud gets lost in the Everglades, she doesn´t expect to find a body dump—and herself on the Endangered Species list. However, when a modern day warrior steps in to protect her, she is forced to trust a man she doesn´t know. A man she could come to love. A man she could lose if a killer has his way. Micah Rivera agrees to hide Remy, but when the FBI decides to use her as bait to catch the killers, he and his team spring into action to keep her out of harm´s way. Now with both law enforcement and murderers on their trail, Micah is left in an untenable position—keep his team safe and Remy out of trouble without losing his heart to the woman he has sworn to protect. As Remy and Micah join forces, one thing becomes clear. To survive, they must defeat the enemy at his own game.

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